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Bagnetique handbag magnetic phone holder

Are you tired of searching deliberately through your handbag to find your phone, lighter, keys or other items? No worries. Keeping all these problems in mind Bagnetique is all set to introduce Bagnetique magnetic handbag phone holder which solves all your need. It is a sleek and attractive magnet that attaches inside your bag keeping your items organised and handy. Bagnetique, specially tailored to work inside a handbag and it will not harm your phone or bag.

Bagnetique magnet car phone holder

Bagnetique is far more than your handbag, it is a beautiful jewel which can mounted on the dashboard easily and it will not disrupt the view like those large and bulky holders. Magnetic phone car mount is powerful, it has a smooth surface and securely holds the phone in place even in the bumpy rides. You can keep your hands always on the steering wheel, while you drive and navigate and focus on the world while also enjoying the beautiful scenery, all while adding a pretty decorative flare to your car interior. The Bagnetique magnet car phone holder is easy to use and it will not harm any smartphone.

How do you use a magnetic phone holder inside a bag

Bagnetique is easy to use. You can see the instructions in the link below

How do you stick mobile holder on dashboard

Remove the paper backing from the adhesive on the bagnetique.  Press your bagnetique FIRMLY onto the surface where you want to use it.  (NB: if you get it wrong the first time, you can lift it and reposition it within the first 15 minutes or so without harming the glue)

WAIT AT LEAST 30 MINUTES for the glue to bond effectively with the surface before using.

Attach the metal plate included to the back of your phone.  You can also just slide the plate in between the phone and your cover (if your cover is very thick, it might reduce the magnetism, though — try it, and if it does not stick strongly to the magnet, stick the plate on the back of the cover).

TIP: Place the metal plate at the TOP half of the back of your phone, this will help it to sit straight on your Bagnetique, and keep it from dangling forward

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