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12 Must Eat Soul Stirring Street Food in Nagpur

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Different parts of India have their own special and scrumptious dishes to offer foodies. Although Nagpur, not known for its Street Food, there are several must-try local soul-stirring delights such as poha, saoji, patodi, Nagpuri samosa, and others that will undoubtedly surprise even the most seasoned connoisseur and wait to win over your taste buds.

1. Samosa

This article about Nagpur’s street cuisine would be meaningless if samosa wasn’t at the top of the list. This spicy street food is ubiquitous across the country, but what sets the Nagpuri samosa (as sometimes known) apart from the rest is the mixture of sauces and Tarri Kadhi used to mask its flavour. Piping hot samosas, smashed and doused in Tarri and Kadhi along with some chutneys to give you that spicy kick and sensational flavour.

 Samosa - Street Food in Nagpur

Where: Samosawala, Vayusena Nagar, near Telankhedi Hanuman Mandir

You could also try Chhola Samosa there.

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2. Tarri Poha- the city’s signature Street Food.

A visit to Nagpur will be incomplete without a plate of Poha, the city’s signature street food. Tarri Poha is a scrumptious breakfast of Nagpur that blends Kanda Pohe with Tarri, a spicy chana-based gravy garnished with onions, tomatoes, and sev. Some bandis/kiosks open early in the morning and strive to maintain up with the long lines of customers eager to start their day with this hot, lip-smacking, yummy snack made of flattened rice and desi chana. Then it is not surprising if a true Nagpurian’s blood test showed equal amounts of blood and tarri.

Tarri Poha- The City's signature Street Food

Where: Ramji-Shyamji Pohewala, in Sita Nagar, recognized as best in Nagpur. Rupam Sakhare’s kiosk in Kasturchand Park serves delicious aloo poha sprinkled with spicy tarri.

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3. Matka Biryani- The city’s finest Street Food

Nagpur delivers one of the best biryanis in the country. The presentation in a true clay pot ‘handi’ with intact dough ‘dum’ rim is very appealing. The complimentary ‘chhach’, masala butter milk has excellent taste. Biryani comes in a variety of flavours and is prepared and served in the same earthen pot. It remains hot for hours. The aroma of the steam which comes when the lid (which is sealed with flour), opened is so tempting and mouthwatering and it is not oily when compared to other Biryani centres in the country.

Matka Biryani- The City's unique Street Food

Where: For the Best Biryani experience Head over to Lazeez Matka Biryani

4. Patodi and Kadhi

A visit to Nagpur is still not complete without experiencing some of the city’s Maharashtrian specialties, such as bhakar and patodi. A typical Maharashtrian Besan curry is patodi with kadhi. This cuisine, served with roti or bhakri comes with a spicy gravy. It’s a must-try Maharashtrian meal that features a variety of spices to give you the authentic taste of Nagpur.

Patodi and Kadhi- The City's special Street Food

Where: Patodiwala’s Joint near Tehsil Office

5. Kulhad Chaat- The City’s unique Street Food

Another street food craving is the unique Nagpur kulhad chaat, which will surround you in its rich aroma and tongue-tingling flavour while you gossip with your buddies. All the toppings, freshly made with curd and dressings added on top. Kulhad chaat will give your love of chaat a fresh perspective.

Kulhad Chaat- The City's unique Street Food

Where to Eat: Sai Chaat Waada, Law College Square, Nagpur

6. Paan

If you visit Nagpur, you must try paan. Whatever your heart desires, from regular paan to strawberry paan, Butter Scotch, Choco chips, Hot chocolate, Ice Cold paan, Honeymoon paan, and more, make your paan experience a mouthwatering one with Nagpur’s street food.

Paan- The city's yummy Street Food

Where: Sunita Pan and Juice, Silver Complex, Opposite Yeshwant Stadium, Dhantoli

7. Santra Burfi

This delicacy, made with fresh oranges and hence the name. Santra burfi is a type of fudge that is widely available in Nagpur’s sweet shops. One bite of the orange burfi whisks you away to a world of creamy, zesty delight, pampering both your taste sensations and your soul. Nagpur attracts many connoisseurs and travellers because of its beautiful weather and a wide range of street food.

Santra Burfi- The City's Street Food

Where: Shree Heera Sweets in Itwari 

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8. Rabdi Jalebi

Jalebis in Nagpur are not only delicious to eat, but they are also fascinating to watch being prepared. Crispy hot jalebis with creamy Rabdi are sure to make your mouth water and be a part of your foodie heaven. This delicacy is also the ideal way to end a traditional spicy Nagpuri meal.

Rabdi Jalebi- The City's mouth watering Street Food

Where to Eat: Rasbhari Jalebi, Pratapnagar

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9. Pav Bhaji- The City’s famous Street Food

Pav Bhaji is the king of street food in the state of Maharashtra, particularly Nagpur. It’s a spicy mashed vegetable dish seasoned with pav bhaji masala, a special mixture of spices, and served hot with a dollop of butter, sliced red onions, cilantro, and a squeeze of lime.

Pav Bhaji the king of Street Food

Where to eat: Shreenath Pavbhaji Hut, Dhantoli

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10. Parathas

If you’re a paratha fanatic, don’t miss this spot. You will find eateries here that will offer our beloved parathas a wonderful twist. A fantastic place to savor a wide range of delicious parathas served hot with butter, Chole Curry, Dal Makhni, and Raita and to immerse yourself in the splendour of punjabi cuisine.

Different varieties of Parathas- Street Food in Nagpur.

Where to Eat: Paratha Shop, Sadar Nagpur

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11. Maharashtrian Food

Authentic Marathi cuisines are mouthwatering delicacies that you must have during your visit to Nagpur. Marathi cuisine eclectically combines fresh flavours infused in elegantly and traditionally prepared dishes that are more related to a “ghar ka khana” than a lavish or opulent dinner. Here you can enjoy delicious Maharashtrian and North Indian cuisine served in thalis with 5-6 distinct dishes, 2-3 types of chutneys, achaar, and salad under the rustic ambiance of Dhaba.

Maharashtrian Street Food- Vishnuji ki Rasoi, Nagpur.

Where to Eat: Vishnuji ki Rasoi, Bajajnagar

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12. South Indian Food

Whether it’s a group of kids or a large family, South Indian food is our go-to comfort street food. Any soul would salivate at the crunch of a crisp dosa, the tanginess of rasam, and the softest idli dipped in the flavorful sambar. Although Nagpur, not known for its South Indian cuisine, there are eateries serving hearty South Indian dishes from the country’s southern regions.

South Indian Street Food- VeeraSwami, Nagpur

Where to Eat: Veeraswami, Sadar, Nagpur

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